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President's Report by Andrew

Preparation for the instructors seminar to be held in Byron between the 7-10 of August has began. Around 25 people will attend the seminar from various parts of Australia- People visiting to participate in any teaching activity in the future would be advised to attend. Eddie has floated an idea to cater for the workshop.

Last week I refreshed my first aid course, I would strongly recommend all pilots to update there first aid course, there are plenty of good quality courses in the area. The instructor I had, agreed to tailor a course specifically for Pilots. I will take names for places.

I met Sue Bigger from the rescue squad. Sue was involved in removing a student from the back of Tallow's some weeks ago. Sue expressed disappointment in the process of this rescue. And remarked of the need for better communication in the complete rescue situation. Sue and her husband are both rescue workers. Sue has been involved is several rescues of Hang Gliders including pulling Canadian Barry out of the power lines at Wilson's creek. Sue and her husband want to setup up training seminar to look at pulling HG and PG out of trees. I would strongly suggest that members attend. The seminar will involve a HG and PG to be set up and an informal discussion between rescue workers and pilots. A report Mill later be drafted to outline any recommendation in a rescue situation. The seminar is scheduled for July.

A schedule for the slashing of Lennox in being drawn up. I have spoken to Martin Wetton, who is interested in doing the job. He is quoting for 4 times a year. Any one wishing to quote for the job please contact me.

The slashing of Monties will take place in July. The top paddock, launch and the track up will be slashed. I have booked Michael Kelly.

Three jobs I have outstanding are:

1) Involvement in the Chincogan Fiesta

2) Raffle

3) Sign for Possums Any input on these matters would be appreciated.


Andrew Polidano