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Venue: Bangalow Bowling Club 7.30pm

Present: Brian Braby, Joe Scott, Neil Mersham, Brett Cook, Eddie Gray, Josh Green, Mag- gie Clark, Lindsay Wooten, Greg Newman, John Luck, Michelle Batterham

Apologies: Andrew Polidano, Peter Aitken, Mark Wood, Brian Rushton, Ian Mdntosh, Gary Richards

No Minutes were presented from previous meeting


1) Brian Rushton will be representing the club at a meeting held with National Parks regarding club sites.

2) A proposed cycle way is planned in the vicinity of Lennox Point headland. Brett Cook will or- ganize a letter to Ballina Council to establish usage from the Club at Lennox Head.

New Business Arising

1) New Secretary Michelle Batterham voted in- Nominated by Brian Braby; 2nd Neil Mersham

2) The Licence agreement between the Inswuctors and the Club will be organized outside the club meeting. All instructors will be emailed a copy of the agreement bought to the meeting.

3) The S.O paragliding workshop conducted by the S-S-O Bre% Cook, will occur at suitable time for all newly voted S. O

4) S.S.O Mark Wood will be presenting a repack parachute night to be held at Tyagarah. This will be held at either Joe Scoff's hanger or the sky diving hanger. The date will be announced at next rrtonth meeting. Area towing is also still on the agenda

5) The launch has been cleaned and opened at the S.S.W site Bungaby. There is also an east launch. Owner is unknown but contact needs to be established. Only the permission of the house occupant, Mr. Pacy has been got. Suggestions that its rated intermediate or novice under supervision for hang gliding. Suitability for paragliding needs to be established and rated.

6) Mill Road, Goonengerry S.W site needs work clearing launch and possibly landing paddock.

7) Leigh Grayson, H-G- contact at Kilamey, is organizing 3 ramps. Cost yet to be discussed with H-G-F-A

8) Pilots are asked to donate trust tops to the inglewood collection. Fund-raiser for a wheelchair.

9) The club results of the Kilamey Fly-in; I st Gary Richards (45k's); 2nd Bumble; 3rd Peter Bligh Jones; 4th Heather; sth Joe Scott; 6th Ed Gray

10) Suggestion of a club fly-in and cleanup weekend with Canungra. Also suggestion of club holding a competition to raise some funds with support from l0lnarey township.

11) A block on top of Montes may be available. Will need to establish secure landing pad- docks if a loan from the H-G-FA (516 interest rate) is to be concidered.

12) Ed Gray is seeking funding from the H-G- F-A for scholarships to promote high school kids leaming to fly hang gliders

13) It was discussed that the Ramp at the cape should not be a mega structure. The impact study is a 3 phase application. The launch suitability of paragliders was also discussed along side the associated rotor of the proposed ramp site. H.G. F-A could be asked to match dollar for dollar with the N.S.W H. G-A and the club for cost of environment impact studies and construc- tion.

14) Phil Pichard newly elected H.G.F.A board member discussed the new direction of the H-G-F-A including: I) feedback from clubs and members on what they want it) Ian Jarman has resigned

iii) Funding available from the H.G. F. A and the N. S. W hang gliding association. Jarso secured a grant also available for promotions

iv) The restructuring of administration

v) The Canungra club situation. Most funds are from the classic as well as user pays at all but one of their sites

Treasurers report

Club has S4021.40

Allocation of $2000 for tallows; S700 for Monties

Club increased membership raised a total of $621.40

Flight of the Month: All Nominees weren't present

Meeting Closed: 9pm