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April 28th

Strezlecki to Redhead bay

Bay Jason Turner (forwarded by Brett Cook)

It was late, I'd had a long day at Catherine hill bay with paragliding students and was heading home to call it quits. All the indicators were showing it was still east and worth a look at Strezi.

When I pulled up Paul Dear was there checking it out but didn't have his glider there. It was about 4:30 it was really east and blowing nicely, The flying is always ordinary in this direction but it looked good for a run down to Dudley and Paul said he'd be happy to drive down in the cruiser. That was all I needed to hear and we quickly stuffed batons in the 190 Fun and I lobbed off the hill,

As expected the lift wasn't that great and it took a few passes to gain enough height to glide down to Merewether. Half way there I spotted Adam soaring above the Beaches hotel (doesn't that guy ever get sick of flying? I hope not. ) I made the hill easy and started to climb under Adam. He gave me a wave and I pointed to Dudley but he didn't see and had flown back to Dixon park and landed. Meanwhile, Paul was parked above the baths watching so I crossed to the east face and gained height to glide to Glenrock. Paul watched from Hick- son St. to see if I bombed at Leggy but I had made it fairly easily and soared there for a while gaining as much height as possible before attempting to cross onto Crewcut.

The lift was staffing to wane and looking a little glassy in dose and I didn't really fancy my chances of making the jump but knowing Paul was on his way I headed across Burwood beach. I was soon low passing the carpark but continued on, maintaining height on the small hills south of the carpark, and made it to Crewcut below the launch and managed to scratch up after a few passes, The hardest part was over now and it was an easy glide around into the where there was plenty of lift.

The sun was getting low and an awesome backdrop had begun to appear as I continued on to Dudley bluff with the light easterly taking me a few hundred feet above the bluff. In the fading light I could make out the shape of a glider at Strezlecki (Craig "magpie" Taylor ) sitting a 100 or so feet above the hill. I wondered if he could see me down here. PProbably not.

The air was cooling rapidly now, the sun was sifting between clouds on top of the Watagans and the sky was full of color. It's moments like these...,.. Anyway, I didn't fancy packing up in the dark so after a few chandelles above Redhead cliffs and I was soon on the beach. Paul arrived shortly after and we were soon heading back to town all smiles.

Life is good, Get into it.

Jason T.