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ED's Desk by Eddie

I am now working full-time, woe is me, this along with the cold weather will impact on my available flying time. I've been getting a bit of acre towing in lately, last Saturday, with call. It was the first foot launch I've had in over 12 months. It was a good day for it but asI left my vario attached to my para glider, it was just a big sleddy. coll at least had his vario with him but his towing style gives a new meaning to "low tow position"

This month there has been some good flying, we had ii gliclers at Bungabee. Bravo and I had the best of it. The others had lessons in patience and launch timing. Landing among the cattle provided a few moments.

I got an hour in my Pam glider at coorabell. Neil, Leigh and Maggie were flying hang glid- ers. I was joined by cedar and Lindsay but they had left the day too late as it was starting to go west. I pulled off a cheeky top landing but given the conditions a longer walk might have been prudent.

There is to be an instructor's workshop in our area. This presents the club with an oppor- tunity for a fundraiser doing the catering among other things. Kramer will have the details at the next meeting.

I haven't heard from Alan for some time. l-le is still lost in Europe poor bugger(not) due to this he has been relieved of his position as secretary at the last meeting. We thank him for his contributions, energy and charm, which has been given unstintingly to the club. Michelle has taken on the job as secretary and I wish her well in a difficult task.