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Venue:Bangalow Bowling Club

Present: Josh Green, Mark Woods, Maggie, Neil Meersham, Brett Cook, Andrew Polidano, Brian Braby, Brian Rushton, Peter Aitkin, Joe Scott, Ashley, Lindsay, Mark Jeffery, Tosh, Peter Wagnes, Gary, Ed Gray Apologies: Greg Newman, John Luck

Meeting Started: 745pm Minutes Passed


1) Brian Rushton is forwarding a formal letter to the Senior Regional Ranger of National Parks and Wild life. This letter outlines the low key, recreational usage of established inland launch sites now zoned in National Parks and wildlife local region such as the Tweed Valley. This letter is a formal request for site maintanence on already established inland sites and also outlines the insurance policy that each pilots has from The Hang gliding Federation of Australia.

2) Andrew Polidano is organising a letter to the local Rescue Squad outlining the location and access to all local sites for future reference

3) A parachute repack night is to be organised for Tuesday 11/7 at 7pm, Tyagaarah strip.

New Business Arising

1) A suggestion to lease the launch at Bungabee was put to the club.

2) A working Bee has been organised for the construction of ramp at Tallows. Brian Rushton and Andrew Polidano will organise a meeting with the trust for the proposed construction.

3) Suggestion to clean up local launch sites and landing paddocks prior to the Instructors Conference. Lennox Head Launch will be mowed at a cost to club of $100. Monites and landing paddock will need to be slashed.

4) Joe Scott is encouraging local pilots to represent the club at the Eungella Hang gliding Competition to be held on the 25 - 30 september.

S.S.O Report

The details of a local aerotow accident were discussed Flight of the Month
Bravo flight at Bungabee.

Meeting closed 9:10pm ****************************************

P.S. I checked out the club website and its good however I am concerned having the clubs minutes on the web. This is our clubs business, not everyone elses. Bungabee for example is meant to be a low key operation, people can now access this information from our minutes and go there and do the wrong thing. The newsletter is OK on the web but maybe the minutes would be better circulated by E-mail. Or am I being too paranoid ?

Cheers BRETTO.