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Memo to:All Members. Subject: On-going Training

1. In order to assure that we continue to produce the highest quality flying possible, it will be our policy to keep all members well trained. In order to do this it has been decided to begin a new training program called, Special High Intensity Training (S.H.I.T). We are determined to give our members more S.H.I.T. than any other club in the region.

2. If in the future you feel that you are not receiving you share of S.H.I.T. at the field, please contact the your Saftey Officer. He will put you on the top of the S.H.I.T. list for special attention.

3. All of our instructors are well qualified to see that you get all the S.H.I.T. that you can handle, at your own speed.

4. If you consider yourself to be already well trained, you may be interested in helping to train others. We can add you to our Basic Understanding Lecturer list - Special High Intensity Training, (B.U.L.L. - S.H.I.T).

5. Under this program, our Saftey Officers' title will be changed to Head Of Traning - Special High Intensity Training. If you have any questions regarding this program, please address them to the H.O.T. - S.H.I.T.

6. Before this program begins, it will be necessary to recruit personnel for administrative positions. With the personality displayed by some of our members it is obvious that they would be suited to the position of Director, Executive Administration Department - Special High Intensity Training (D.E.A.D. - S.H.I.T.)

7. Some other members, who display no personality at all, will be nominated for the honorary position of Deputy Unilateral Management Briefer for Special High Intensity Training Students, (D.U.M.B. - S.H.I.T.S.)

Thank you very much for your attention.

BOSS IN GENERAL Special High Intensity Training (B.I.G. - S.H.I.T)

PS. No matter how much S.H.I.T. we give our members, accidents are bound to occur. A group of people will be nominated to determine how much extra S.H.I.T. should be given to the pilot of the crashed aircraft and to determine wether the aircraft is air worthy. This group of people will be known as the Retrospective Action Team - Special High Intensity Training (R.A.T - S.H.I.T).

PPS. It has been observed that, during flying operations, a number of people have been flying with little regard for saftey. With this in mind, a decision has been made to appoint an officer to supervise flying and training. So that this officer can properly observe flying and training operations he will observe field activities while standing in the middle of the launch site. This person will be known as the Operations Head - Special High Intensity Training or O.H. - S.H.I.T.

John Luck