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Hello Fellow flyers I was sitting on my back patio last night with Jules Makk the famous cartoonist and Hang motor Pilot when I realised how small a group we are. I mean we are in a minority group of a minority group. Funny, that. I suppose that's why it's special when we can get together and share our skills and company.

Thursday morning 8:15am I get a call from Jules telling me him and Andrew Kennedy are on there way, keen to fly. Jules was keen on an unpowered ridge soar first up to get re tuned in again before strapping on the motor. We met at the Beach hotel at 12.30 and drove to seven mile beach situated on the edge of the MBZ. (inside edge) The wing look smack on, but as the tide was out the run way was about 50 mtrs. Never have I taken off from the beach, as the nature of my flight training was inland. I needed a confidence boosted as my last attempt didn't involve any leaving of the ground,(on of those consistant f-up days)

The car park was a few metres from the beach, good point for a site. About 5 steps and I was off. The motor was running perfect, especially after putting new fuel in. I had given Gerry and Billy a test fly a few weeks before in the Power plus, but hadn't changed the fuel since the Picolight meet at Jeff's. What a difference !!. I will have to swing past again and redo the tests.

On my 2nd flight, I climed out and jumped over the headland to enter 4500 ft clearance. I scooted up to Cape Byron Light house and remembered Gerry and the many that had buzzed it years before me. I have never paraglided the cape although it was my first Hang Gliding site 6 years ago. The trip back was great, feeling more comfortable I spent time experimenting with trimmers and climing in the sea thermals with the motor ticking over.

I buzzed my parents whom were on the beach (I'll post the piccy's they took on my web site and inform people when there there.) It was the best Paramotor of my life. I want to say to those people out there that have had there fair share of f-ups and frustration, keep at it. I felt more alive that I have every had free flying. That autonomy to go where you want was electric.

I need to thank Graham for teaching me, Gerry and Billy for some very worthwhile tips from a few weeks back and Jos for organising this forum and the picolight club, Jules and Andrew for inspiring me to get off my butt. I'm sure there are some epic flights to come. The confidence that a gentle beach flight instils is incredible. Flying partners are important. I encourage people to buddy up with fellow pico pilots. I will teach a few locals in due course and this will guarentee me flying partners.

I have planned a session with Andrew and his hang motor. I will like to do the 2 and compare the difference. I will however like to visit Frank as he seem to be the Most experienced in OZ. Where are you out there ??? (wodonga...jos)

I have been in stiches reading Jule's cartoon book , look in the skysailor for details. He's one of us !!!!

Have fun Safely !!!

Andrew Polidano