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From the Editor's / Webmaster's Desk

Hi all.

Well, we have a new year and the newsletter is up and running again. Many thanks to Eddie for his 'great' efforts in the past. Having been the editor for club newsletters in the past myself, I can understand why he 'burnt out'.

Club newsletter editors often have a high attrition rate. Its difficult to keep coming up with articles month after month and keep them interesting. While writing a newsletter many editors often think, "Why am I doing this?, does anybody really read this stuff?, are my articles getting boring?, and do centipedes really have 100 legs or is it just a rough estimate? (or is that just me)".

Before we go any further I would just like to make a few points:

Articles in the newsletter are not necessarily the opinion of the editor, the committee, the club membership, or anyone else on the face of the planet other than the writer. (In other words, don't complain to me)

Be careful what you do on the hill. I'll probably be so 'hard up' for articles that I'll write about anything that I see :)

As you are probably aware, I'm into paragliding. However, I'll try to keep the news letter balanced with hang gliding and paragliding articles. (The problem is that I wouldn't know a piece of hang gliding equipment from a rats ass, so help me out)

If the humor in the newsletter occasionally get a bit 'sick', learn to live with it. At my age, I'm not changing for anyone.

But seriously folks, I will really need some local content. Any articles or info that you can send me will be gratefully accepted. It will only make your newsletter better.

Have a great 2001 and I'll see you on the hill.