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BBHG Annual Meeting Wed  Feb 7/01
Bangalow Bowling club
Present: Andrew, Brett, Brian B, Graham, Neil, Maggie, Cedar, Ashley, Heather, Pete, Tracy, Eddie, Woody and Michelle, John
Meeting open: 8:20 PM
New Executives for 2001
President: Andrew
Vice President: Ashley
Secretary: Michelle reelected Brian Rushton will take over in May
Treasurer: Maggie
Publisher: John Luck
Hang gliding SSO Brian Rushton
Paragliding  SSO Brett Cook
Public Liaison: Brian Braby
Flight zone Pilot of the Year:
Maggie's flight to Scarraboldies and back intermediate pilot won.
Funding: $3000 grant from sport and recreation is available for ramp at Tallow and Lennox
Membership: $20 for new members
                    $30 for renewal
                     Executives are exempt for paying annual membership
Parking at tallows: Instructors needed to liaise on Glider loading zone
                           Brian Rushton was to meet with a member of the trust (Sean) regarding parking on Tues 13th 9.30pm
Sue Walker new manager for national parks and wildlife at tallows
Trikes pilots are reminded to fly 500ft above sea level when flying over Byron and the cape
A National Parks and Wildlife database registering our local flying sites is being complied by Brian rushton. This report will include gps map reference, history of the site and existing flying rights.
BBHGC Website received H.G.F.A approval. New links feature on the website include Gattan radar link and stolen gear section
Andrew reported some lost gear( reserve parachute) stolen from his house. He is offering a $200 reward.
S.S.O incident reports. Please lock all gates after use of paddocks and launch site following a compliant by farmer at powerlines of gates being left open.
All pilots are responsible for collecting membership off pilots whom fly our sites
Treasurer report: 50 members paid
                       : $4500 in bank  
                       : cost of Xmas hampers are reimbursed when club is presented with receipts
 meeting closed 9:45pm