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From the Editor's / Webmaster's Desk

Hi all.

I hope that you all have been getting more flying done than I have. Lately, when I've had time to fly the weather has been crap, and then when the weather has been 'on' I've had work to do. Bummer. (Maybe tomorrow)

In this issue I've made a point of including a hang gliding article. Its about 'Lockouts' and is worth a read. There is another that is about 'Paragliding Proverbs', and then the usual stuff.

About the BBHGC website, you folks 'do' realise that we have 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' sections on the website? Surely you have something to sell. It does not have to be paraglider or hang glider related. You never know who wants to buy that solar powered rain gauge that you bought in a fit of stupidity five years ago. Its free and you might move some unwanted stuff and make a few dollars as well.

The site also has some new links. One to the new 'Stolen Gear' website. This site is devoted to assisting in the retreval of stolen paragliding and hang gliding gear. Others are to The Weather Channel and will give you easy access to synoptic charts, both current and forecast and to satelite photos.

New to the website is a link to the Grafton Radar Loop. It shows the rainfall from the Qld border down to as far south and west as Armidale. Could be useful and is interesting to watch during a storm. Other website info, 520+ visitors so far, and the forum now has 19 members (so why is everyone so quite?)

I learnt a valuable lesson the other day. When you set up for landing, always allow for a Plan B. I didn't, and when Plan A started to go wrong, things got a little stressful.


Remember, the next flight is always the best one. (I hope so because my last one was crap)