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The following is the first in what I hope to be a complete set of the profiles of the local legends and not so legendary in the club

Name - Brian Rushton.
Age - 44. .
Wing - XS 142. .
Hours Logged - 3200 solo .
Job - HG CFI. .
Marital Status - Anne /3Children .
Q. How does family regard your flying? A. With tolerance.
Q. Has this always been the case? A. they have been won over.
Q. When and where did you start flying? A. 1976 S.Australia.
Q. Flying goals achieved? A. 10000' at Mt Buffalo 100K's from Mt Widgee.
Q. Flying goals to go? A. cracking local records.
Q. Most memorable flying moment? A. While on a towing trip at Moree watching, from 9500' Asl , dust devils going off every where .
Q. Your favorite flying site? A. Koonyum Range
Q. Interests out side flying? A. Kids sports
Q. Career and life goals? A. contentment with what ever I do
Q. Life before Flying? A. That's a hard one, trail bikes I suppose
Q. Favorite movie? A. pass
Q. Favorite book? A. Even cowgirls get the blues
Q. Favorite food? A. Tacos