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B.B.H.G.C. Inc. MINUTES 2/8/00

Start: 8.15 pm

Present: Heather, Maggie, Neil, Brian R, Brian B, Gary, Leonie, Tracey, Peter A, Joe, Josh, Eddie, Pete W, John,Tony, Andrew, Brett, Michelle

Apologies: Mr Wood, Mr King,

Previous meetings minutes read.

The club welcomes 2 new members , Paulo from Suffolk (PG) and Gary from Ballarat (EF6).

The parachute repack night has been scheduled for Thursday 10/8 at 6pm at the skydiving hangar. Cost is $5 + repack ($30?). Neil will conduct course including video and lecture.

Brian R will contact the owners of Bungabee re. lease. This site is in the MBZ so appropriate protocol must be used. Casino is very busy on weekends and flying away only in a W or N direction.

Tallows working bee: Andrew and Heather to follow up government grant.

Mowing of Lennox $100. Brett to organize cleaning of bottom section.

Monties top and a couple of strips in the landing paddock, Andrew to organize , cost around $300.

Workshop for tree rescues with the Brunswick Valley Rescue Squad is Sunday 13/8 at 8-12 Byron St Brunswick Heads. Expert tree rescuer Gary Walker has been invited and instructors are also invited for input.

2 day comp is this weekend or next weekend if weather is bad. Ring Adrian if interested. Muster at golf Course 8.30 am.

Brian R had concerns with a pilot having bad launch at Tweed last weekend. As this site has not had the official OK .we cannot afford any incidents there. Pilots are encouraged to practice take offs at Stones if haven't flown for a while or have had problems with take offs.

Andrew attended meeting concerning commercial activities on crown land in the Byron Shire. Gave instructors application forms.

Michelle attended meeting about coastal development in Ballina Shire outlining the clubs usage and we are included in the activity guide and will be considered in any development applications or approvals.

Treasury report: Jolly Jugs raised $23 last meeting and we didn't have to pay for broken jug. It was also agreed to have $15 membership if less than 6 months before AGM.

Powerlines have been diverted at Carrs. Thank you Mark Plenderlieth and Leigh. Leigh also has the best B&B at Kilarney. Pilots special.

Woody has moved to Sydney for a while , Col was elected as new SSO.

Flight of the month goes to Gary and Brian R . Gary used Brian as a vario and got to 5 grand on a cloudy day at the Tweed. (see bravo's rave,Ed.)

Meeting closed 9.22